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We at A1 Reglazing are a trusted local business, that tries our hardest to make sure that everything we do is of the highest quality possible. We put in countless hours to make sure that you (The Customer) gets exactly what you want on-time. We do Fiberglass, Porcelain Tubs, Tiles, and Appliances all at reasonable prices!


With our supreme service all your reglazing needs can be accomplished on time, at LOW costs.

Bathtub Reglazing is an inexpensive way to give you a quality look in your bathroom. We are professionals at what we do, and we do not cut corners in this trade. We do the job right the first time.


There are limitations to refinishing that are created by the location, dust particles in the air will fall, but the results are quite amazing!

Reglazing can last up to 40 to 50 years if it is taken care of, we will inform you on all the tips to keep your bathtub, and the rest of /any porcelain fixtures looking shiny and new.


We Can Do it All


Shower Stalls

And More!

As far as scheduling we are about 1 to 2 weeks out, but if we get any cancellations we can move you up. There is a 1 year limited warranty on all of our work. The warranty covers adhesion to the tub, it does not cover chips, scratches, or abuse of any kind.

Customers that live on the island will be subject to a ferry charge plus mileage, for any repairs to the tub or unit.


It will take us an average of 4 to 6 hours to complete the job, and it can be used 24 hours after we leave your home. We do not do the caulking, so about 4 hours after we leave you can caulk the tub, so that it’s ready to use the next day.

FAucets & Drains

  • Please have any leaky faucets fixed before our arrival (or we will have to reschedule and charge you for show up time). We truly are a business that wants to save you money. I’ve always said, “If I am not saving people money then I won’t be making money!”
  • We can at times get the drain out but if it is rusted in place, we just tape it off. If you want a new drain please have that done before our arrival as we are not licensed plumbers, but if the drain is in fine condition then we can just tape it off.


We will need to know what color you want your tubs or units glazed.

Other Work

If you’re doing any remodeling you will want to schedule us very last, after all your carpenters, tilers, plumbers, handymen, and Elvis have left the building.

Do not Caulk

The only thing you should NOT do is have them caulk around the bathtub/showers.


Try Our Trademarked Process


  • The etching step is the single most important step in preparing a tub for reglazing
  • Our etching solution is EPA approved and is specifically made to open the pores in the tub to allow the sprayed on coatings to become part of the tub.
  • By using bonding agents instead of an etching solution, the sprayed on coatings merely stick to the outside of the tub, which reduces the reglazed tub’s life span.


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